Tucson SEO, Website Design & Internet Marketing

Ubiquitous Concepts, LLC, is a website design and internet marketing company. Locally owned and managed out of Tucson Arizona. 

Uconcepts.net, as we are known by, was founded by Kelly Kennedy (pictured) and Greg McCracken, who have been marketing consultants for a nationally known publisher for the past twenty years. We focus on customer needs. Whether it’s on website design, marketing or SEO.



 Wisdom over time..


We know what it takes to deliver a strong marketing message that will help your business attract your desired clients. Our primary goal is to help you create an internet presence that truly represents your company and reflects who you are.  We know business owners have many questions about setting up their local marketing, including why one needs a website, where to begin, and then finally, how to market it well.  We’re here to answer those questions in English (we know very little Spanish and Italian); no computer-talk from us! We’ll manage the technical details and logistics. You manage your business…


It’s ALL about you!


Your time should be spent running your business and doing what you love.


We are in it for developing a long term relationship that grows your business.


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HAVE QUESTIONS? We are glad you found our website. If you have any questions, either email or call us. We appreciate you taking the time. Even though we are in the marketing business, we know that not all businesses or individuals will need all our services. We tell the truth as we know it. Explain the concepts we are trying to do, so that you, the business owner can make educated decisions. Sincerely, Kelly Kennedy & Ubiquitous Concepts Team