Ubiquitous Concepts’ approach is simple. We review your business goals and recommend the scope of the website solution needed for your business.

Before taking on any size website development project, it is always beneficial to properly plan out the project, just as you would before building a home. We ensure that your goals have been reviewed, and that we have the solutions that will make your website development project a success.

The website planning process consists of organizing all of your ideas, your objectives, and coming up with a development plan and timeline that will fulfill these requirements while remaining within budget. The website architecture is created along with a sitemap, showing you all pages that need to be included in the design. Wireframes are then created, which act as placeholders for various types of content and features. This saves both designer and developer time, by creating a roadmap for the creation of your entire website. Design specifics such as colors and general aesthetics are planned out. Development items such as framework (general layout), programming languages, and the type of CMS (content management system) that will be used are also finalized.

What we like may not be what works for you… so what we do is acquire 3 different sites that we feel best represent your business. You get to help us pick out what it is that you like about those sites and we will incorporate that into your design. This can include Development. Our development team goes to work once designs are finalized and content is gathered for the website’s front-end interface. They code the website in HTML/CSS, then, depending on the scope of the project, may add a CMS.  

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