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I don’t know if it’s working “with” Google or just begging for their help. Let me start by filling in a few details of why we are posting this. It all started when one of our clients decided to combine two locations into a larger one. There are some major changes that need to be done with on-line listing sites such as Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, and of course Google. You can use services like “Yext” but they have their own problems and unless you know how they use an overlay to change things you could be very upset. It’s not a permanent change. Well, it is as long as you keep paying them…. that’s the catch.¬†Sorry I digressed a bit. We then made all the changes… permanently for our client, at least we thought we did. Come to find out everything was perfect, except when you would ask Google Maps to give you driving instructions. Low and behold it would map you to their old location, which was closed physically as well on Google. We have tried for the past 6 to 7 months to get this issue resolved, to no avail. Then today we tried to contact Google one last time before we were going to delete all their Google+ Page and anything else and start completely over. Google Help! We found a forum that Google has set up to help with problems like this one. I really had little hope that anyone would respond and if they did would say sorry we don’t help with that. I guess there are benefits to being a pessimist, we get double the joy because we were not trusting anything would work out. As I’m writing this, Google has called me and has reassured that now another party is on this task and will correct it. Which being a pessimist I had to ask them …. please don’t change it back if the other party fixes it first….

Here is the url for the Google Forum to get your problems looked at. If you need extra help you can always contact us….

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