How’s your SEO working?

Are you finding that your rankings on the major search engines are staying the same or worse, declining? Well you are seeing what is happening when more and more of your competitors enter the SEO playing field. So what can you do about it? Here are some options.

You can add an Article Writer, Social Media Specialist, Reputation Management Guru, just to name a few….. Or just pay more to Google for more AdWords. What we did was to update our software programs to combat changes in the market…your competitors. We can tell what they are doing and adjust your SEO needs to get ahead, or stay ahead. Now I’m not saying we can do this for every keyword out there, but we have shown significant improvements to our clients rankings across the board. Most of these do take time and in some cases more investment is needed. But we do try to step up and meet our clients where their needs are and only suggest what we feel is of important value to their ranking.

There is an old saying that states: Doing the same things, but expecting different results is the definition of Insanity.

Some days we all stare at each other… and I wonder if we are going “insane.” Chancing Google and other search engines just to rank on page 1. Oh for the old days of “Yellow Pages”…..

If you are interested in knowing more about your website and it’s position… give us a call. We will run some reports and tell you what we know and how we can make a difference.


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