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“If we can keep the investment down and your page position up, we call that a win/win.”


Throughout the years of marking clients businesses, we have really seen a lot of change! Remember Newspapers, Network Television, Yellow Pages and Radio before Xm? Those all cost a pretty penny in their hay day. Times have changed, and in some regards, the costs have come down. But, so has their effectiveness to a larger degree. Along comes the World Wide Web… www. It’s free. For most web sites, “Organic” search results make up the majority of the clicks… 60%. Organic Search Engine Marketing is the “free” portion of the results of your search on a search engine, such as Bing, Yahoo, or Google. There are two other spots that show up. Paid positions, ( top 3 and right side 7) and Google Maps (shows local places on a map). See our page ” Search Engine Marketing” for more detailed info.

To do it right you might need all three. We have some clients that only need On-Page SEO for their Tucson business. They also rank nationwide for many of the same search words. We don’t just throw all the SEO techniques up against the wall, then see what sticks. Understanding the competitive nature of your business, and the difficulty in obtaining top page placement; that will determine the time, and investment needed. If we can keep the investment down and your page position up, we call that a win/win. We partner with you to strive toward your goals.

We have a saying, “Why pay more than you have to, until you need to.” Win/Win!

So, how do you show up on an Organic search and Google Maps? We can optimize your website to come up for certain searches through our SEO or search engine optimization services. We can set up your Google Maps page as well. These, along with others like YouTube development, will help you appear when some one searches for or about your type of business.

Please keep in mind that no one can guarantee you first page position…they don’t own Google and the last time we checked…we don’t either.

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