Do you need or want on the first page of a Google search?

Do you need it like…yesterday?


If you answered “yes” to this question, then you need us for Google Adwords or PPC.

Stop and give us a call.

As a small business person who struggles daily with how to get our message out and  how to build customer loyalty, our strategy which was suggested by Kelly and Ubiquitous Concepts….. has provided one of the answers. The program Kelly has suggested has performed and has exceeded our expectations. Kelly not only staked out a strategy but his knowledge and recommendations have saved HEM and HER time and money. Please look no further than Kelly for he shares your goals and desire to succeed 



What is “Search Engine Marketing”? It’s the paid side to web traffic. On Google for example, it’s usually the top 3 positions and the far right 7 positions.


Your placement is predicated on the amount you’re willing pay per click. So your position can change if someone bids higher or they opt out entirely. But there is more.. Some common questions concerning PPC or Pay Per Click, Search Engine Marketing, Google Adwords:



Why would or should we use Google Adwords?


How do you know which keywords to bid on?  


Do you know what position will get you the most for your dollar?


 Why should I bid less per click, to get better results?


 How many “Impressions” does it usually take to get a click?


 What is “Click Through Rate? What is a good result?


 How many clicks on average, does it take to make the phone ring? 


Why do I only show up for half a day?



These are all great questions. And as the owner or manager of a business, you should get straight straight talk and answers. A lot of this internet marking ties together and if you don’t have a trustworthy marketing team, things won’t add up.



You need to read our blog on, “What’s in a phone number?” This will give you a little taste on how some companies play this game. Maybe charge you less up front, but then make it up on the back end. Other options:


• Site Re-Targeting – Creating a banner ad program that will follow people who visited your site for 60 days.


• Search Re-Targeting- Creating a banner ad program to target “search terms” that have not seen your site but searched for specific keywords.