“Update Website?”

How do you know it’s the right time to get a new website? Or, to just update the one you have? How do you know? Well… the answer lies in the questions. Most websites can run along time without much worry. If however, you are worrying, then you must be modifying your website a bit. Like changing out pictures or writing blogs. One of the most important things you can do is keep all your plug-ins and themes…up to date. Why is this important? Developers that create the useful themes or plug-ins that are used on your site, make minor adjustments to the code so that it works in conjunction with the latest version of wordpress. Another reason is that there are evil people out there (We don’t know exactly where.) trying to break in or just break your website. We have one client that use to get unsuccessful login attempts on a consistent bases… People trying to hack into their site. We put on a limited number of login attempts on their site and that would keep them from trying for 99 hours. But soon after those 99 hours they were back at it. This went on for about 6 months. That was scary cause it was from a computer located in Russia. (The admin section shows the IP address and we can look that up.) Not that Russians are scary, but why would they want to hack into one of our websites? Oh well… makes you think of Cold War spying and counter intelligence…. non of which this particular site comes close to. So.. update your wordpress and plug-ins regularly. Make sure you backup a copy before updating. It’s been known to happen that after updating something breaks or is just not compatible. So…backup first. Then update.

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