Need a mobile web site? Of course you do…that’s a silly question. With over 60% of all searches done on a mobile device, you have to be there.

And if that weren’t enough…

Google is now penalizing businesses who don’t have a mobile website! Have you seen a drop in your keyword rankings?

We have developed a concept to develop a mobile website from your existing web site. This is a big plus, cause when we change your main website, it will change your mobile web site as well. This saves us time to devote our attention on the changes, and not have to charge you for duplicate changes and time. Win/Win! We try to keep this simple for both our clients and us. Some of our clients prefer to minimize their mobile website, making it a shortened version of the full site. There are some good benefits to doing it this way: Keeps the customer focused on the main topics, makes it easier to find phone number and or mapping your location… probably the two most important reasons to have a mobile website. Another reason is to help speed up the load time of the mobile site. No one likes to wait and wait for a website to load on their smart phone or tablet.

If you are in need of a mobile web site, or just help. Give us a call or contact us using our contact form on the site.

Thanks from your team at Ubiquitous Concepts mobile website division.